How do you Make the Most out of a Small Kitchen?

Use the Walls

While we may want to have a home with gratuitous amounts of space and a kitchen fit for a king, sometimes we have to settle for something that is more compact than commanding. A small kitchen can be a nuisance, especially when you have several people living in the house. It is common for renters, and something that is a tradeoff for a good location or large yard in many property purchases too.

But fret not! With these handy tips, you will find you can make a great culinary situation out of even the smallest of kitchens. So without further delay, let’s get cooking!

Traditional cupboard storage is all well and good in a larger kitchen, but when you are strapped for space it is time to get more inventive. Magnetic strips on the walls are excellent for holding knives, and with some simple brackets and hooks you can also make room on the walls for your pots and pans. If you invest in some top quality items along these lines, they can also be flashy decorative pieces for your small kitchen.

Keep it Clean

One of the biggest plagues on any kitchen, especially in a renting or flatting situation, is ensuring the space stays clean. Dishes can stack up nightmarishly fast in a small space, so make sure you and everyone else you live with cleans up after themselves.

A constant supply of fresh tea towels and some collaboration on the dishes can remove the need for a drying rack, provided you put everything away efficiently.

Match your Palettes

A mixed selection of cutlery, plates and kitchen appliances can give the semblance of bad clutter, which as we all know by now is a big no-no.

Get your items matching and perhaps all in a suitable colour scheme with each other. Light colours work well to open up a space, and by having matching sets of items you will also find it much easier to place items away.

Keep the Essentials Close at Hand

That gorgeous whisk might be an elegant masterpiece, but is it something you use all the time? If not, it is time to put it away. Keep only the items you use regularly at hand, perhaps on an open shelf or in a container at one end of your countertop. This can be one that takes some working through as you determine exactly what your cooking routine is, but it cuts down on clutter excellently.

Every kitchen will be different, but by taking these small steps you will find that cramped space turning into the cutest place in your home.

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